Crooked teeth and orthodontic problems can affect the appearance and health of your smile. Straightening your teeth will improve your smile confidence- and your overall oral health. Dr. Bottoms provides orthodontic treatment and cosmetic dentistry solutions for a range of concerns with clear aligners.

SureSmile clear aligners are an alternative to traditional metal braces. They offer patients the ability to address mild to moderate orthodontics and aesthetic concerns with discreet, comfortable treatment. It is never too late to straighten your teeth- clear aligners is the perfect solution for adult patients who desire to improve their smile without the hassles of metal braces.

Are you ready to reveal a beautiful new smile with clear aligners?


The first step towards a straighter smile is a consultation with Dr. Bottoms. After a dental exam and digital diagnostics, Dr. Bottoms can evaluate your dental health and determine if clear aligners are appropriate for your orthodontic needs.

SureSmile® uses CAD/CAM technology to support treatment planning. Dr. Bottoms will use your digital dental impressions and this technology to plan your new smile using a set of unique clear aligners. The lab at SureSmile will create your aligners, and Dr. Bottoms will place your first set once they are ready.

After placing your initial set of aligners, Dr. Bottoms will provide details on when to change them for the next set and how to maintain the health of your teeth and gums during treatment. Since the aligners are removable, patients can easily brush and floss their teeth normally.

SureSmile FAQs

Am I a candidate for Sure Smile?

The majority of patients can be considered candidates for clear aligners. Dr. Bottoms performs an exam and will use digital x-rays as needed to help you make the best decision for your long-term dental health and cosmetic goals.

How long is treatment with Sure Smile?

Most patient will complete their treatment in about a year. The length of your treatment depends on your oral health needs and will be discussed during your initial consultation.

Does dental insurance cover treatment with Sure Smile?

Some dental health plans include orthodontic coverage using clear aligners. Our front desk staff can help you explore possible dental benefits and present alternative payment options.


Schedule a visit to discuss your cosmetic and orthodontic concerns and learn more about the benefits of clear aligners. Dr. Bottoms can also provide a second opinion for an orthodontic treatment plan.