A dental crown can be the solution for a range of dental problems, from cosmetic to restorative. Dr. Bottoms places dental crowns to keep your teeth healthy and support a damaged or decayed tooth. We also offer the convenience of same-day dental crowns using advanced in-office CAD-CAM technology. Dr. Bottom offers crowns as a  restorative dentistry treatment to patients in Winston-Salem, NC.

A dental crown site over the tooth is like a “cap,” covering most of the tooth above the gum line. Dr. Bottoms will recommend a dental crown to treat a range of problems, including:

  • Tooth decay: We often recommend a dental crown if you have a large filing or if your tooth is weakened because of an infection. After we remove decay from your tooth and provide a filling, we may add a crown for extra support.
  • Tooth damage: Tooth fractures and worn teeth can impact the stability of your tooth. A damaged tooth can also create an uneven bite. Dental crowns add structure to the tooth to create an even bite.
  • Permanent discoloration: If you have a deeply stained and damaged tooth, we will recommend a crown. We use crowns crafted from tooth-colored materials. Our office also color-matches these materials to blend in with your natural teeth.
  • After a root canal: We often recommend a dental crown to support your tooth following a root canal. The crown will help restore the shape and function of your tooth. It will also protect your natural tooth from further decay.
  • A final restoration for a dental implant: If you have a single missing tooth, we can cap off your dental implant with a crown. Implants restore your missing tooth at the root, while the crown will act as your new tooth.

Whatever your dental care needs, we are equipped to offer solutions!

same day dental crowns with CEREC in winston salem nc


The placement of a dental crown will require one to two office visits, depending on the type of crown being placed. In most cases, Dr. Bottoms can offer the option of a same-day dental crowns in Winston Salem, NC.

We can complete dental crown treatment in less than two hours. If a traditional dental crown is considered best for your oral health needs, we will place a temporary crown. Then, you will return to the office for the final crown to be placed.

The dental crown process will start with numbing the area to be treated and ensuring you are relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Bottoms will then remove the decayed or damaged tooth structure and prepare it for placing the crown.


CEREC Technology can design, fabricate, and place a ceramic restoration in just one visit! With this new in-office milling system, the need for temporary crowns has been eliminated.

We will take digital dental impressions with a handheld scanner and use these to mill your new crown in the office using CAD/CAM technology.

CAD/CAM stands for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. This technology helps us design and fabricate your crowns in one dental office visit. If we place a traditional crown, we will take impressions and place a temporary crown to protect the tooth.

After we take impressions of your teeth with a handheld scanner, we examine the images of your mouth on a computer. We edit the 3-D scan to create a design of your crown. Once we fine-tune the design, we send it to our in-office milling machine. 

Once your final crowns are complete, we will check the shape, size, shade, and fit before we cement them in place.

CEREC crowns are high-quality, custom crowns that offer the convenience of a same-day dental health solution. There is no need to return to our office for the placement of the final crown. CEREC can also be a great solution for patients who have a damaged or lost crown and want to restore the appearance and function of their smile as soon as possible.


Dental crowns offer many benefits if you have to cover one or more teeth. Tooth crowns offer:

  • Protection: Dental crowns provide protection to damaged teeth, preventing further decay or cracking. Crowns can protect weak teeth and restore the natural tooth structure.
  • Durability: Crowns are durable and can last many years with proper care. While traditional crowns use metal, modern tooth-colored materials are still just as strong.
  • Appearance: Crowns can improve the appearance of a tooth by covering imperfections like discolored or cracked teeth. Our office uses tooth-colored crowns color-matched to your natural teeth. We also take impressions of your teeth and design your crown to match the shape of your tooth.
  • Strength: Crowns strengthen weakened teeth. They allow these teeth to function properly so you can naturally bite and chew.
  • Comfort: Crowns can alleviate discomfort caused by damaged and infected teeth, allowing for better health and overall well-being.
  • Customization: We can match crowns to the shape, size, and color of your natural teeth. This provides a seamless and natural look.

Our office uses state-of-the-art technology to create durable dental crowns. We can take images of your teeth, craft the crown, and place the crown in just one office visit.


After you get your same-day crowns, you should care for them like your natural teeth. To care for your crowns:

  • Brush and floss: You should brush your teeth two times each day with a soft toothbrush. Focus on cleaning where your crown meets your gums. Use dental floss or special cleaners to clean between your teeth and around your crown. This helps remove plaque and bits of food that can cause cavities.
  • Be careful with hard foods: Avoid tough or sticky foods that could harm your crown or make it come loose. Cut hard foods into smaller pieces before eating them.
  • Protect against grinding: If you grind your teeth at night, talk to us about wearing a nightguard. This can shield your crowns and natural teeth from damage.
  • Visit your dentist regularly: Make sure to schedule check-ups and cleanings to keep your crowns and overall oral health in good condition. Our dentist can check for any issues with your crown.
  • Avoid bad habits: Don’t chew on things like ice or pens that could break your crowns. Avoid using your teeth as tools. Don’t use your teeth to try and open packages, because this can put pressure on your crowns and natural teeth.



Do you have a dental concern that a dental crown could treat? Dr. Bottoms welcomes new patients and can evaluate your dental health needs during your first visit with us. Schedule an appointment and experience the difference that our personalized approach can make in your patient experience.